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Digital Marketing Strategy Trainer from London

Born and bred in London, England I started programming computers when I was 9-years old in the 1980's, using Amstrad CPC 6128 courtesy of Lord Sugar.

This was the dawn of the home PC age and pre-Internet.  There were very few games around so I taught myself how to program these early computers and spent much of my childhood writing my own.

I maintained my love affair with computer programming and at 21, after graduating from the University of Leeds I started work as a freelance IT specialist and programmer working for organisations all over the world.  I worked in the UK, Brazil, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and was even in the USA, Silicon Valley, in 1999-2000 mingling with the founders of Google which were just a 5-man outfit at the time.

After growing weary of globe-trotting and IT trouble shooting, I returned to London and at the age of 30, met and married the love of my life Aleksandra King and teamed up with my best friend from school who was also an IT expert to form the digital agency MintTwist.  MintTwist has now designed, developed and marketed thousands of websites and digital campaigns for hundreds of clients across the UK, Europe and the Middle East regions and is still growing strongly today.

Today I leave the management of MintTwist to the expert teams within and act as an evangelist for MintTwist's digital insights, by guest speaking and lecturing on digital strategy, transformation and my experiences in business.  

I also promote the developments that are spun out of the research and development function, the latest and greatest of which is the sales automation marvel that is Traffic Truffle.

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