Elliott King
Elliott King
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Speaker, Lecturer, Digital Agency Co-Founder and CEO

I am an entrepreneur; CEO and Co-Founder of the digital agency, MintTwist and Co-Owner of a digital innovation company, RadLab ventures.  I am the co-author of a recognised Digital Marketing training course, that is used by (among others) City, University of London.  I'm a regular speaker on all things digital and act as a Visiting Lecturer for Universities and training institutions world-wide.



Started with my school-mate, Alexis Pratsides, more than 10 years ago, MintTwist is now a successful and fast growing multi-national Digital Consultancy that works with brands such as the BBC, Discovery Channel and CASS Business School, supplying digital marketing, training, design and development services.


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MintTwist and our numerous partners have always played a leading role in the digital industry in London and our markets world-wide by contributing and running numerous seminars, conferences and workshop events.  We have always believed that everyone benefits when we share knowledge, insight and skills.  

Through years of events experience we have come to realise that most attendees want much more than just the event itself.  They want to network with one another, continue their learning days, weeks and months later and to access the event materials and assets.  

To this end, MintTwist worked with LinkedIn to create the Co Marketing Academy.  The group is open to anyone with an interest in Digital Marketing and is free to join.  Members are typically past event attendees and are all open to networking, learning and sharing.


Sales Automation

My innovations team at RadLab ventures have created what I believe will be a game changing product that will revolutionise inbound marketing by significantly increasing lead conversion opportunities for sales teams.

Traffic Truffle provides a list of (previously unidentifiable) businesses that have visited your website.  As well as business names, the tool also provides pages visited, times visited and spent, LinkedIn, twitter profiles and more.

All of the information above comes as a simple daily email alert on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Re-seller opportunities available.


RadLab Ventures

A digital research and development incubator that invests in, develops and launches digital business solutions to create new revenue and profit streams for project stakeholders.  Contact me for more info.


About Me

I love Digital Strategy

I started programming computers in the 1980's and has over 20-years of professional experience, helping hundreds brands such as Roche Pharma, Virgin and Accenture to navigate and leverage the digital revolution.

My proudest accomplishments include;

  • The ongoing honour of leading the highly talented, committed and likeable group of individuals that is MintTwist
  • Being invited to address 100+ international NGOs at the United Nations (Geneva) on the ‘Future of Mobile Communications’
  • Co-authoring the material and acting as the visiting lecturer for City University's courses on 'Strategic Digital Marketing' and acting as a regular speaker on 'all things digital', for organisations such as UK Department of Trade and Industry, Federation of Small Businesses, City University and more.