What’s Trending in Social Media Videos?

Mark Zucherberge has spoken about a video mega-trend, there is that stat about 80% of the internet traffic bla bla. What ever you believe about the future of Social Media Video there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s booming.

I sat down to speak with Itamar Blauer, the video marketing expert at Digital Agency MintTwist to discuss the trends that are playing out with video on Social Media.

3 key takeaways for Social Media Video:

  1. It works! Engagement is higher, reach is higher and video is a growing trend

  2. For ‘classic’ Social Media channels keep it short! YouTube, Vimeo etc. can host longer form video content but on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter et al the content should be less than 2-minutes.

  3. Experiment with different content types, length and style to find what works for own specific audience.

What is your experience of Video on Social Media? Has your organisation started to use it? What have been your experiences?

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