YouTube Video Optimisation: What we can Learn from Kids

Generation Z are undoubtedly the rulers of YouTube. Did you know the biggest YouTuber in the world is a 10-year-old child?

My own daughter started her own channel 6-months ago, aged 10 and already has more subscribers, views and likes than her Digital Agency CEO and long-time Blogger Dad!

I sat down with Isabella King to learn more about her YouTube habits.

So what do we do as (slightly older) marketers, managers and business owners?

Well, we can learn; because if we create content that reflects the behaviour of ‘Generation Z’ we will likely be optimising our content for older (target) generations because social media (increasingly video-centric) usage trends are driven by the younger and oftentimes, soon-after adopted by older generations - and the platform algorithms respond accordingly.

In terms of social media usage - how the 11-year old daughter behaves today indirectly drives the future usage behaviour of her 44-year old Dad ... and I thought I was the expert! 😂

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